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Neil’s Feels – The ‘Red’ EP Sound

Neil’s Feels Gear Guide Vol.003

Mother Leads 2nd EP

The ‘Red’ EP Sound

Hey, everybody it’s time for the third edition of ‘Neils Feels’, where I talk a little bit about the gear I’ve been using since I began playing guitar and how I achieved some of sounds I’ve produced. The painting above was created by Salvador Dali, a really awesome concept that’s both elegant and cryptic, Joey from Womb helped us design the EP as well.

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Tour Update


Windsor and London

We launched the tour in Windsor,  the Ambassador Bridge a stones throw away. The Dominion House Tavern (or DH) is reminiscent of old house party shows, with it’s multi-room layout and staircases. They host regular pub crawls and even have a full fledged volleyball court in the back yard for the sunshine seasons. The club is known for rock music, and that seems to be what goes best for the locals. We even had one enthusiastic woman ask to hear our cover of Pearl Jams “MFC” twice in a row. She was quite convincing. We did it.
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Neil’s feels – Polyphonic Octave Generator

Neil’s Feels Gear Guide Vol.002

Neil's feels pedal board

The Polyphonic Octave Generator

Hey, Neil here for another edition of Neil’s feels gear guide. Cool shot up there taken by Cassandra Corrigan, today I’m going to talk a little bit about one of my newer pedals that I really enjoy. The P.O.G., or Polyphonic Octave Generator.

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Tour Guide

March/April Late Winter Run.

The time has come to announce what we have planned for the next couple months, a tour guide if you will. After Project Scarborough Vol2 ( we’re going to be living in a van again, hitting the road with our friends Womb. We have come to really appreciate this circuit across Southern Ontario, and we want to continue visiting each town/city as much as possible. Spring is approaching, but we didn’t want to wait. We have been building a repertoire of awesome bands that rock/and we enjoy working with, some of which you will see spread across the March/April Late Winter Run, as well as some new acts that we’re looking forward to seeing. See the Tour Guide below for the wheres and whens:
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Neil’s Feels – Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDG

Neil’s Feels Gear Guide Vol. 001

Hey, everybody it’s Neil here for the first edition of ‘Neils feels’ where I talk a little bit about the gear I’ve been using since I started playing guitar and how I achieved some of sounds I’ve produced. neils feelsOne question I’ve been asked quite a few times is what guitar I was using in our music video for ‘Bring you down’. You can check it out the video below:

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Live Shows

  • 03
    Ajax, Ontario
  • 23
    Oshawa, Ontario
    The Moustache Club
  • 24
    Markham, Ontario
    Colonel Mustards
  • 06
    Toronto, Ontario
    The Bovine Sexclub

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