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"Lost Cosmonauts", the new single from Mother Leads

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News and Press pumping our new single!

Our friends over at have recently bee n promoting our new single ‘Lost Cosmonauts’

Have a look here: spinning new single! showing us some love by promoting our new single ‘Lost Cosmonauts’.

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Lost Cosmonauts debuts on

Our long time pals over at are spinning our new single,

check out what they had to say here: sheds light on our new single!

‘Lost Cosmonauts’ gets some air time and a nice review over at

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ontario-based-altprog-rockers-mother-leads-announce-lost-cosmonauts salutes Mother Leads!


Our friends over at wrote up a nice review for our new single ‘Lost Cosmonauts’,

Check it out here:      mother-leads-dazzle-with-a-new-smooth-prog-rock-track

New live video / In the studio

New live video / In the studio


Dig this video of a live  new, currently unrecorded tune, shot at the end of last year, comprised of footage between The Central in Toronto and The Moustache Club in Oshawa, with audio live off the floor. Shot by our friend Tyler Gordon at Cloud Cover Media:


We’ll be doing another live video over the summer, and we’ve also begun the process to record another single. We are writing a lot of new material as of late and we’re not sure what we’ll be doing with it just yet. Releasing small tastes here and there seems like the best way to do it as we can grow our material organically with each passing recording. We’re back at Satans Lovebox this month laying down tracks for our next single. Updates to come, as well as live appearances over the Spring.



Capping off our year!

Capping off our Year


The final strech of 2015 was a blast. In October we released the first in our set of singles that will continue into next year. ( Each one of the shows we did was great and we played with some cool new bands, along with some of our usual favourites. We hit Bistro de Paris in Montreal with our friends Ravenblack and Alex Robshaw. We got to play a cool little place in Windsor called Villains Beasto which sports hand drawn portraits of many of the most classic baddies of all time. We joined on with Sista Fista and Black Eyed Susan. We got to return to our favourite place in Oshawa, The Moustache Club with The Micronite Filters and Tijuana Jesus. We had our Holiday party in Toronto @ The Central with Suns of Stone who just released a new record, Ballroom Babies & Alex Robshaw.



Our last of the year was at York University for a Corus Feeds Kids Holiday toy drive through our friend Steve Prince. This was a cool acoustic vibe and we got to do a slightly quieter and more jam oriented version of our set. Our next set of shows will be in February as we work on writing new material, and recording the best of what we have right now. Stay tuned for updates on both.


Q & A with Realsoundsok.blogspot

Check out this cool Q & A Ray did with

Here’s the link: shows off the new single!

Our new single’s getting spun over at, check it out friends!: shows off ‘Time’!

Another cool website in ‘’ helping us spread the good word about our new single. Check the link below:

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